Choosing Shocks & Struts For Your Car

imageIf you have experienced body leaning, rough ride, bottoming out in a dip or bump or unusual noises while driving your car it may be time to bring it in for a shock & strut inspection. We can diagnose the exact suspension problem you may be having and get your car back to the way it was supposed to drive! 

I can't tell you how many customers we've had that decided to replace their shocks or struts and call me back to say how much they enjoy that "new crisp" feel as they drive their car! 

While many manufacturers offer generic-fitment shocks, very few actually specialize in our cars. Most mass-produce a shock or strut that is "close enough" (they feel) for fitment and call it good. However, there are a few that do have our cars dialed-in on performance and price. Some of these manufacturers include Bilstein, Sachs-Boge, Koni and Meyle. These companies all are O.E.M. manufacturers for our cars, so they have everything just right, depending on what feel you want. 

As a general rule, most of our vehicles can use one of these types:


The Touring Class line offers a smooth comfortable ride, similar to original shocks. This is typically for lighter weight cars and is best for someone who wants comfortable daily driving.


The Sport Class is for lowered vehicles requiring less shock travel or for someone who is wanting to lower their vehicle just a touch. Most sport shocks are built approximately 1" shorter to compliment the shorter spring heights.


The Heavy Duty Class is designed for a comfortable ride for some of the vehicles with a heavier body weight. Similar to O.E. shocks, but with better control characteristics to help with the increase of body weight and mass of a bigger vehicle.